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We connect the startup communities in Central and Eastern European countries in order to create a more unified entrepreneurial ecosystem.



We are a grassroots movement, aimed at identifying and supporting local startup activists to become the ambassadors of each ecosystem.

Leverage this network of ambassadors to help connect people to each other and to the global startup community.

Act as liaison between the entrepreneurs and (non) supporting organisations.



Empower local communities and cultivate a cross-border collaboration environment

Lead the countries in the CEE region to develop faster

Promote the CEE countries’ cultural similarities and work together towards regional development.



Document the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Central Eastern Europe through a series of reports detailing the local culture, trends, key players and challenges, which will lead to understanding the regional market and its’ potential.


About us

CEE Changers is a platform by and for the key players in the Central-Eastern European startup ecosystem to come together and share ideas, best practices, and initiate a regional revolution of the entrepreneurial community and economy!

CEE Changers helps harness connectivity and regional human potential by empowering individuals and teams to stay in touch, brainstorm and validate solutions to the opportunities and problems they experience every day. Through the CEE Changers network, people will be able to connect, share projects and find the people they need to transform their vision into reality.

We are confident that our network will influence thousands of wanna be entrepreneurs and contribute to an infrastructural change and cultural movement that will positively impact our communities and ultimately, the Central-Eastern Europe economy. CEE Changers is an organisation built around an extended network of hundreds of passionate, skilled, and empowered volunteers around Central and Eastern Europe region. As such, we are planning a series of networking events, followed up by continuing viral discussions.

The world is facing a crucial point right now, remodelling education and forming policies that will shape and encourage new business creation. The members of CEE Changers are leading the way by initiating change from the bottom up and making a better community for all.


CEE Changers’ impact goes far deeper than our members and will help foster a cultural change.

Our goal is to shift the established economic model, attempting to fundamentally change the way that active community leaders collaborate and influence their local ecosystems.

Our network is intended to lead the change in mentality and the way business is being conducted, impacting the development of communities and startup ecosystems at their foundations. Discovering together the common bottlenecks and the issues of what it takes to solve real problems and create true value is crucial within a region affected by post-communism, corruption and bad business practices.

Startup communities and their programs are fragmented and fragile, making it difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs to find the resources and support they need, when they need it. CEE Changers aims to solve this problem by bringing together the most active community leaders, and have them gather feedback, work together and share their experience towards strengthening their efforts to be applied on a regional level. All members possess the knowledge and expertise from their local community, and will conduct an initial ecosystem audit of the CEE region.


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